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Bryan Jones Aga, Hereford - Convert your Aga to 13amp electric

ElectricKit Conversion

The heating elements are placed in-between your Roasting and Simmering Oven (pulling 1.8kw) and a further 2 elements (pulling 1.4kw each) are integrated into the boiling plate and simmering plate.

The ElectricKit Conversion is controlled via the control panel, allowing you to manually choose a temperature (via the digital display on 2 and 4 oven models) for the Roasting Oven. This heat then dissipates down to the simmering oven, allowing the oven to reach a temperature of around 65c less than the Roasting Oven. Using this method, you can create a baking oven on 2 and 4 oven models by raising the Roasting Oven temperature to a high setting until the bottom oven reaches baking temperatures.

On our three oven ElectricKit models, the Roasting/Simmering ovens are controlled via a dial, ranging from 1-8. An additional dial controls the 'baking' (bottom left) oven, again ranging from 1 to 8.

The two hot plates can now become either boiling or simmering. Each are controlled by a dial ranging from 1-8. You can leave the hotplates on (at no higher than number 4), to provide warmth to the room. The ovens can also be set and left on 24/7 to provide additional room warmth and cooking convenience.

From cold, the hot plates will reach full power in 30 minutes and the ovens will reach 180c in 1hr 30 minutes.

Wiring Requirements
The two hot plates are on their own 13amp supply and the ovens are on another 13amp supply. In total, 2 x 13amp Crabtree switched fused spurs are required for the Electrickit model - to be installed to the left or right of the cooker (not behind!).

Field Trial Running Costs
The developers field trial usage figures (calculated over a 12 month period in 2011) have been adjusted to reflect the new April 2022 price cap of 28p Kw/h. The users in question were a household of two working during the day. The converted Aga was used as follows:


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