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Bryan Jones Aga, Hereford - Renovation Options for your Aga Cooker

Renovation Options for your own Aga Cooker

Full renovation including re-enamelling
Two-oven - £4,200
Four-oven - £5,500

This consists of a fuel change (if required) or the complete replacement of your existing burner, re-enamelling to an aga colour of your choice, shot blasting of the cast iron internal components, replacement of back and sides, lid liners, lid seals, lid cords, oven tunnels, door liners, grills, trays, thermometer, thermostat, chrome parts, machining of simmer and boiling plates, new insulation and fastenings, re-engineering of the barrel and ashpit (if required). In short, a full and complete job which will return your aga cooker to tip-top condition with fully effective operating temperatures. We will complete the whole process from the dismantling of your aga cooker right through the renovation process and re-installation.

Re-enamelling of front, top and lids only
Two-oven - £2,500
Four-oven - £3,000

If you are happy with the internal workings of your aga cooker but feel the exterior is in need of attention, this option offers a re-enamelling only service. The enamelled parts of your aga cooker are dismantled on site and returned to us for processing. This option includes the re-enamelling of any solid lid domes and lid rings and the replacement of chrome domes if the aga cooker is a Deluxe model. Also included are new side panels, new door linings, new insulation materials and any required fixings in readiness for rebuilding on site.

Re-enamelling of front plate and doors only
Two-oven - £1,300
Four-oven - £1,800

With this option we simply offer you the re-enamelling of your front and doors only. Only the front and doors are removed from site with the rest of the aga cooker left in situ. Included in this option are new door linings and new insulation together with a pair of new side panels.

Re-enamelling of top plate and lids only
Two-oven - £1,300
Four-oven - £1,800

This simply consists of the re-enamelling of your aga cooker top plate and lids. On the Traditional model this will include the re-enamelling of the old lid domes and/or replacement of these with new chrome domes and lid rings if desired. On the Deluxe model the chrome domes will be replaced for new. This option includes the refitting of the top and lids on site and the final recommissioning of your aga cooker after the job is completed. In cases where it is possible and practical to offer an exchange of top we will do so. In these cases we will bring an identical top to site and switch it with your own top.

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